The Company

Our traditional, family-run company was founded in 1910. Initially the firm focussed on the production of agricultural equipment.

From 1950 onward, the focus of the company switched to the manufacture of connecting elements made of round and hexagonal steel. Particularly the production of wulst and segment screw clamps developed to become the core business. The company was subject to partial compulsory nationalisation in 1972, and the owner was excluded from management.

A limited company was formed (GmbH) as part of the re-privatisation in 1990. The product range initially included connecting items for the building industry and for container construction.

The company has been certified based on the HP-O standard since 1992.

From 1992 onward, the company started to supply wholesalers sanitary and heating industries with connecting elements produced in-house. A full-service provider, the firm Gerlach Zubehörtechnik is listed in a number of buying cooperatives.

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